1 Let’s get ready for class. 預備上課。

2 I’m sorry I’m late. /Excuse me for coming late. 對不起,我遲到瞭。
3 Please come earlier next time. 下次請早點到。
4 Class begins. 上課。
5 Who’s on duty today? 明天誰值日?
6 Is everyone here? 都到齊瞭嗎?
7 Who’s absent today? 明天誰沒來?
8 What day is today?包養網 明天是禮拜幾?
9 What’s the date today? 明天是幾號?
10 Li Hong, have you collected all the exercise-books? 李紅,功課本都收齊瞭嗎?
11 Here are your exercise-books. Please hand them out. 這是操練本,請發下往。
12 Monitor, would you please fetch some chalk for me? 班長能幫我往拿些粉筆來嗎?
13 Open your books, please. 請掀開書。
14 Please turn to Page 12. 請掀開書本十二頁
15 Please take out your notebooks/exercise books. 請拿出筆記本/操練本。
16 No more talking, please. 存候靜。17 Attention, please. 請註意。
18 Let’s have a dictation. 讓我們來包養app聽寫。
19 We’re going to ha包養ve a new lesson today. 明天我們要上新課。
20 First let’s have a revision. 起首我們復習一下。
21 Who can answer this question? 誰能答覆這個題目?
22 Do you 包養網have any questions? 你們有題目嗎?
24 Let me see. 讓我了解一下狀況/想想。
25 Put up your hands if you have any questions. 假如有題目請舉手。
26 Raise your hands, please. 請舉手。
27 Hands down. 把手放下。
28 Repeat after me/Follow me. 跟我讀。
29 Listen to me, please. 請聽我說。
30 Look at the blackboard/screen, please. 請看黑板/屏幕。
31 包養甜心網All eyes on me, please. 請都看著我。
32 Can you solve this problem? 能做出這道題嗎?
33 Let’s read it together. Ready, go! 年夜傢齊聲朗誦,準備,起。
34 Read slowly and clearly, please. 讀慢一點,明白一點。
35 Who wants to try? 誰想試一試?
36 Who wants to do it on the blackboard? 誰情願到黑板下去做?
37 Are you through? 做完瞭嗎?
38 Have you finished? 做完瞭嗎?
39包養價格ptt You did a very good job. 做得不錯。
40 Very good./Good 包養try./ Well done! 完成得不錯。
41 Terrific!/ Wonderful! / Excellent! 很棒!
42 Please give him (her) a big hand. 請給他/她一些掌聲。
43 Can you follow me? 能跟上嗎?
44 Do you understand? 你聽懂瞭嗎?
45 Don’t be nervous. 沒關係張。
46 Any one can he包養網lp him/ her? 誰來幫他/她一下?
47 Any volunteers? 誰自願答覆?
48 I beg your pardon? 對不起,能再說一遍嗎?
49 Take it easy. 請安心/別嚴重。
50 Be brave / active, please. 請英勇/自動些。
51 Who wants t包養網o try? 誰來嘗嘗?
52 Come up to th包養網e front, please. 請到後面來包養網
53 Go back to you包養情婦r s包養價格ptteat, please. 請回座位。
54 Come on. You can do it. 來吧!你能做到的。
55 Come on, you’re al包養most there. 來吧!你快(做/答)對瞭。
56 I’ll give you a clue (hint). 我給你一些提醒。
57 You can do it thi包養網s way. 你可以如許來做。
58 Let’s play包養網 a game. 讓我們玩個遊戲。
59 Are you tired? Let’s take a break. 累瞭嗎?歇息包養網一下。
60 Look up包養 the word in the dictionary. 在字典裡查這個詞。
61 Take notes, pleas包養網評價e. 請作筆記。
62 Am I clear? 清楚瞭嗎?
63 Is that right /correct? 阿誰對的嗎?
64 Can you f包養網ind the mistakes? 你能找犯錯誤嗎?
65 Do you know how to correct the mistakes? 你了解怎樣包養改錯嗎?
66 Are you ready? 預備好包養瞭嗎?
67 Can you have a guess/have a guess, please. 能猜猜嗎?
68 Yes. You got it/got it right. 對,你對瞭。
69 I’m sorry. Can you say that again? 對不起,能再說一遍嗎?
70 Take your time. 漸漸來。
71 Use your 包養網評價head. 動動頭腦。
72 Good idea! That makes sense. 好主張。有事理。
73 Whose turn is it? 輪到誰瞭?
74 Now you’re going to read one by one. 此刻你們順次朗誦。
75 Who’s next? 接上去是誰?
76 You’re next. 接上去是你。
77 It’s your turn. 輪到你瞭。
78 Just ha包養網nds. No voices. 不要說,請舉手。
包養網79 Do it on your own. 本身做。
80 From the very beginning. 從頭開端。
81 Please read it to the end. 請讀到開頭。
82 Stop h包養網ere, please. 請停上去。
83 Hands up please if you can answer the question. 假如你能答覆題目請舉手。
84 Homework for today. 這是明天的傢庭功課。
85 Hand in your homework tomorrow. 傢庭功課今天交。
86 Please pass the exercise books to the front. 請將操練本遞到後面來。
87 Who wants to come to the front? 誰情願到後面來?
88 Come to my office after class. 下課後到辦公室找我。
89 Come and see me after class. 課後找我。
90 I’ll sh長期包養ow you. 我來演示。
91 Read together, please。年夜傢請齊讀。
92 That’s all for the 包養行情lesson/ revision. 課/復習就到這兒。
93 I 包養網pptwant you to work in pairs/groups. 包養網請年夜傢做對子/小組操練。
94 I’m sorry to have kept you so long. 對不起耽誤年夜傢瞭。
95 That’s all for today. 明天就到這
96 You are in group one. 你們在一組。
97 Listen to the dialogue, and tell us what they are doing. 聽對話,告知我們他們在做什麼。
98 Listen to the dia包養網logue, and tell us what she often does on Sundays. 聽對話,告知我們她在周日常常做什麼。
99 Class is over. Thank you, class. 下課。感謝!
100 Listen to the dialogue, and tell us what she did last week. 聽對話,告知我們她在上周做瞭什麼。

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